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The Ultimate Guide to Growing White Fungus Mushrooms at Home

Updated: Jun 2


In addition to being praised for their distinct flavors, mushrooms may also offer health advantages. White fungus mushrooms, often referred to as snow fungus or silver ear fungus, stand out among the myriad of mushroom kinds due to their delicate flavor and exceptional nutritional content. A pleasant and sustainable activity that lets you enjoy these gourmet treats while saving money is growing white fungus mushrooms at home. We'll walk you through every step of cultivating white fungus mushrooms in the convenience of your own home in this comprehensive tutorial.

White Fungus
White Fungus

It's crucial to obtain the appropriate materials before you start:

  • Spores of white fungus mushrooms or a kit for growing them

  • A spotless, properly ventilated area

  • A frame or a growing medium (such as a wood or some straw)

  • A watering container with a mister

  • A humidity dome or plastic bags

  • A temperature and humidity gauge

  • An indirect light source

Select the Proper Area:

Choose an appropriate area for the growth of your white fungus mushrooms. It must be a spotless, well-ventilated space that is free of toxins. A closet, garage, or even an extra room might be useful. Make sure you can easily regulate and monitor the temperature and humidity levels because these are quite important.

Making the Growing Medium Ready

Although white fungus mushrooms can grow on a variety of materials, they usually do best when placed near hardwood logs or straw. How to set up your growing media is as follows:

Making Hardwood Logs Ready

  • Choose a hardwood log (oak, maple, or beech) and slice it into thin, 3–4 foot chunks.

  • Approximately 4 to 6 inches should separate each hole you drill into the timber.

  • Fill the holes with spawn or spores from white fungus mushrooms.

  • Wax can be used to plug the holes to stop contamination.

Preparing the Straw

  • Soak the straw for 12 to 24 hours in water

  • The straw should be drained and heated in boiling water for about an hour to pasteurize it.

  • Refill the straw with water, then let it cool to room temperature.

How to Vaccinate and Take Care of Your Mushrooms

  • Inoculate the Growing Medium

  1. To maintain high humidity levels, put the inoculated straw or logs in a plastic bag or under a humidity dome.

  2. Keep the humidity at 80-90% and the temperature at 70-75°F (21-24°C).

  3. White fungus mushrooms need indirect light since they are photosensitive. Avoid being in the sun.

  • Monitor and Maintain

  1. Use your thermometer and hygrometer to check the temperature and humidity levels.

  2. When the growing media begins to dry up, mist it to keep the moisture level constant.

  3. You ought to witness the growth of white mycelium after a few weeks.

  4. Reduce the humidity a little bit when the mycelium has completely covered the surface.

How to Gather and Enjoy White Fungus Mushrooms

  • Harvesting

  1. When white fungus mushrooms become translucent and have a jelly-like consistency, they are ready to be harvested.

  2. Pick them up gently from the straw or logs.

  • Preparing and Cooking

  1. To get rid of any debris, rinse the collected mushrooms in cold water.

  2. To rehydrate them, give them a 30-minute soak in warm water.

  3. For their distinct texture and flavor, they can be rehydrated and used in soups, salads, stir-fries, or desserts.


At-home cultivation of white fungus mushrooms can be productive and entertaining. You can grow these delicate and nutrient-dense mushrooms in your own space with the correct tools and a little perseverance. Whether you're an experienced mushroom enthusiast or a novice eager to learn more about homegrown fungi, using this comprehensive guide will help you be successful in growing white fungus mushrooms. You'll experience the thrill of eating locally-grown, fresh white fungus mushrooms from inoculation to harvest.

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