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Maggi Masala

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Maggi was the first company to introduce protein-rich legume meals to the market, and in 1886, it followed up with a ready-made soup made with legume meals. Julius Maggi then introduced bouillon concentrates, first in capsule form and then in cube form. Julius Maggi created the Maggi GmbH in Singen, Germany, in 1897.

Maggie Masala one of the best masala in the world.

This is the recipe of Maggi Masala
Maggi Masala

  • Ingredients for Roasting:

  1. Coriander Seeds: 6tbsp

  2. Cumin Seeds: 3tbsp

  3. Fennel Seeds: 1tbsp

  4. Fenugreek Seeds: 1/2tbsp

  5. Bay leaf: 2no

  6. Cinnamon Stick: 1inch

  7. Green Cardamom: 6no

  8. Clove: 12no

  9. Black Peppercorn: 1tbsp

  • Ingredients for Mixing:

  1. Kashmiri Chilli Powder: 1tbsp

  2. Salt- 1tbsp

  3. Sugar- 1tbsp

  4. Turmeric Powder- 1/2tbsp

  5. Dry Mango Powder- 1tbsp

  6. Ginger Powder- 1tbsp

  7. Onion Powder- 1tbsp

  8. Garlic Powder- 1tbsp

  • Method:

  1. Roast all the spices and put in a blender.

  2. Then add all the mixing ingredients.

  3. Grind together and make fine powder.

  4. Use in any noodle or rice preparation.

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