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Macher Jhol is the Bengalis Emotion

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

All Bongs are invited! Remember how our grandmothers used to make real maacher jhol? Oh, my goodness! Do you already get a nostalgic feeling? Maacher jhol is a sentiment as much as a dish. For decades, we've enjoyed maacher jhol as our go-to lunch. Although many of us departed the city, the distinct flavor of maacher jhol lingered in our minds. The most exquisite blend of feelings and nostalgia is maacher jhol and gorom-gorom bhaat.

This traditional Bengali fish stew is perhaps what we live for. This dish is absolute magic, made with only the most basic spices and vegetables. No other meal even comes close to matching it. What's the best part? There are no exotic ingredients or elaborate cooking processes in this dish. It's not something a Bong would order in a restaurant because it's a dish best enjoyed when prepared at home and served with love and warmth. It's the ultimate in comfort food for us.

For years, the meal has worked its charm with the precise blend of spices and scent. Maacher jhol, in particular, has been cheering me up on my darkest days.

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Arnab Dhar

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