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Health Benefits of Black Rice

I wanted to share why forbidden black rice is steadily gaining popularity in the United States, as well as three simple ways to prepare this nutritious powerhouse. If you're curious about the flavor of Forbidden Black Rice, it has a nutty, earthy flavor from the bran (outer husk) and a subtle, slightly sweet interior, according to me. In a nutshell, it's delectable!

A little backstory...

Black rice is thought to have been discovered as being "superior" to other varieties of rice in Ancient China due to its extensive health benefits and potent medicinal properties. It is said that a group of noble Chinese men saw an opportunity and scoured the land, seizing every grain of black rice and withholding it from the general public, tightly restricting production, severely limiting quantities, and selling it exclusively to royalty, resulting in a huge demand. It was illegal for ordinary people to cultivate or consume it, earning it the nickname "forbidden black rice."

Health Benefits:

  1. Antioxidant with a lot of punch: According to some reports, blueberries are even more effective! A strong antioxidant called anthocyanin is found in the outer layer of black rice, the bran and hull, which is deep black or purple in color. Black rice has a higher degree of anthocyanin than any other crop, like brown rice, red rice, red quinoa, and other colored whole grain varieties.

  2. Cholesterol Reduction: According to studies, the phytochemicals present in black rice lower LDL cholesterol (also known as poor cholesterol), a major contributor to cardiovascular disease, as well as overall cholesterol.

  3. Defeats Cancer: An anthocyanin-rich extract of black rice suppressed tumor growth and spread of breast cancer cells in mice, according to a Chinese report. More research is in the works.

  4. Anti-inflammatory properties: In a Korean study, black rice was found to help alleviate edema and skin allergies, indicating its potential for treating diseases associated with chronic inflammation.

  5. Promotes Weight Loss and Management in a Healthy Way: Black rice is a lower calorie powerhouse, with less calories, fewer carbohydrates, and more protein and fiber than white or brown rice.

  6. Healthy Brain Function is Promoted: Anthocyanins were found to enhance learning and memory function in a Bulgarian study, and research on Alzheimer's prevention are currently underway.

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sachin singh
sachin singh
May 30, 2021




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